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VC-1: Process continues

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

See this picture?

I don’t know why it appears in quite a few VC-1 Advanced Profile official test samples (the rest I could decode are football trainings as in SP/MP samples).

Yesterday I’ve written VC-1 Elementary Stream demuxer and now have enough material to test interlaced decoding and other AP features (when I implement them).

And another task – make work VC-1 embedded in .EVO – official format of BlueRay/HD-DVD.

Plans for the Future

Saturday, January 13th, 2007

Let’s see what I have done in 2006:

  1. Fraps (FPS1) version 2/4 decoder
  2. Intel Music Coder decoder (some cleaning and lavc’ization)
  3. KMVC (video codec for FMV used in Worms games) decoder
  4. Musepack SV7 demuxer and decoder
  5. Smacker demuxer and decoder implementation (no, I haven’t RE’d it)
  6. VMWare capture codec (VMnc) decoder (implementation and some RE work)
  7. Wavpack decoder
  8. ZMBV (DosBox capture codec) decoder and encoder (encoder for palettized format only)
  9. Some image formats reading support (TGA, TIFF)
  10. 16-bit grayscale support for some image formats
  11. And finally – VC-1 decoder (with some WMV3 support)

And here are my plans for this year. Warning! This is not the final list and may be changed in process.

  • Make some lossless audio decoders (MPEG-4 ALS and Monkey’s Audio)
  • Implement missing VC-1 Simple/Main profile features (there are few of them which nobody uses but who knows)
  • Implement VC-1 Advanced profile interlaced mode (looks like it will be needed in future)
  • Help with some other projects – DCA implementation and maybe even finish RE for Xan v4 (looks like Mike forgot to do this)
  • And ultimate goal – take participation in GSoC 2007 and write JPEG-2000 decoder (in very distant future – even encoder)