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Friday, May 19th, 2006

I’ve managed to make another bunch of Worms videos to work correctly and plan to commit that patch soon. Here is one frame from TV.AVI:

Worms watching TV

Looks like they’re watching UZI.AVI from previous Worms, eh?

Too bad that correct output can be obtained through FFmpeg transcoding only. Those happens because of different handling of ‘palette change’ block in AVI:

  • FFmpeg handles it okay
  • FFplay also handles it but palette change event is de-synchronized and usually displayed frame has wrong colors.
  • MPlayer is treating palette change chunks in AVI as usual frame data, thus causing decoder errors and wrong colors.

I don’t know the situation with Xine and VLC but suspect it’s nothing good there also.

Real DVD Quality

Saturday, May 13th, 2006

I just had to express that. Recently I’ve opportunity to examine two DVD disks – one with 8 films-in-one and another one is 7 films-in-one (our pirates usually pack at least two films on each disk). Every DVD has a proud label ‘Real DVD Quality’ (but sometimes even VHS tapes are marked so).
As expected, those films had slightly lesser resolution than 720×576, one disk had 352×576 films, but another one… 352×288 !!! If disk was labeled ‘Real VCD Quality’ – that should be fair.