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High Priority Libav Projects

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

Once I’ve stumbled upon High Priority Free Software Projects at FSF. The idea appealed to me so here I present similar thing for Libav. It also has one or two sane proposals (hopefully) and offers the same level of support (i.e. none). But maybe in some cases we or I can help with it.

User tools

  • Working avserver;
  • Proper filter system. When I say “proper” I mean the one that allows dynamic reconfiguring, handles errors and works for arbitrary inputs and outputs;
  • libswscale replacement. The one that doesn’t sap sanity when you look at its code. Maybe with a nicer API too. And better pixel format support.

RealMedia support

  • Improve RM demuxer or maybe rewrite it from scratch;
  • Add proper support for multirate RM streams;
  • Add IVR format demuxer;
  • Add ClearVideo decoder (that’s the last codec in RM that we don’t support, hopefully not for long).

Other Intel codecs support

  • Improve Indeo4 decoder (it still has some features lacking);
  • AddImprove Intel Audio Coder decoder.

On2 codecs support

  • On2 VP7 decoder (we still can implement it faster than certain Baidu rival releases its source code);
  • On2 VP4 decoder;
  • On2 AVC decoder (that stands for “Audio for Video Codec”).

Too bad I cannot even find a decoder for On2 AVC nowadays. We have some samples though.

Micro$oft (screen) codecs support

This company has at least four screen codecs that we don’t support (MSA1, MSS2, MTS2 and CGDI).

  • Add M$ Screen Codec 1 decoder;
  • Add M$ Screen Codec 2 decoder;
  • Add M$ Expression Encoder Screen Codec decoder;
  • Add beta Windows Media Video 9 interlaced decoding.
  • Fix beta Windows Media Video 9 P-frames decoding.

QuickTime codecs support

  • Add Rottenfruit Intermediate Codec decoder;
  • Add any other codec decoder.

Other codecs

  • Add GoToMeeting 2-4 decoder;
  • Add more screen codec decoders;
  • Add more game format decoders (especially Discworld Noir BMV);
  • Add more audio (especially speech) codec decoders.