The end-of-year summary

Ok, let’s see what I’ve done this year:

  • simple IMA ADPCM encoder – Apple variant
  • worked a bit on different codecs – BMP, Fraps, Monkey’s Audio, TIFF, VC-1
  • got RV40 and RV30 finally working more or less as supposed (some garbage still occurs on some B-frames, but mostly both decoders produce watchable video)

So, what are the plans for the next year:

  • Find more time for FFmpeg development
  • Take part in GSoC (it gives a good reason to work on FFmpeg and also makes a good source of T-shirts)
  • Go abroad
  • And, of course, make FFmpeg closer to the world domination

For the last step I need:

  • Add more formats support to FFmpeg (WavPack lossy, Lucas Arts games formats, Bink, etc.)
  • Convince Mike finish his Xan4 decoder
  • Convince Robert finish his AMR-NB decoder (unless somebody beats him to it) and AAC-HE decoding support (those messages about SBR not supported are really nagging me)
  • Convince Kostya finish AAC encoder (hey, that’s me!)

So, let’s see what we get in the upcoming year.

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