A bit of news

Looks like I’ve neglected my blog for some time. In order to improve situation a bit here are some assorted pieces of news:

  • FFmpeg release — probably we will have one Really Soon Now. Previous release was before I started developing for FFmpeg.
  • RV3/4 is improving bit by bit. For now most troubles lie in incorrect motion vector predictions for B-frames. I hope to fix it one day (or preferably that someone else will fix it but that’s even more unlikely).
  • SwScaler is slowly moving to be usable under LGPL. Probably it will be only x86 SIMD code that will be left under GPL.
  • PB-frames support was added. So the only one who cares about Intel codecs (Benjamin, son of Lars) can watch i263 with lavc decoder now.
  • I took some time to understand ELBG code in lavc and wrote simple 15bit MS Video1 encoder. Patch pending.
  • I’ve tried to RE BMV (video format employed in Discworld II and Discworld Noir). Discworld II decoder is in ScummVM sources, so I give a shot on DW Noir which is unlikely to be supported by any opensource engine. While figuring out header and container format was piece of cake, finding out audio compression scheme was easy (boy, they do like SWAR!), I have troubles determining which function is used for video decoding.

More news will follow eventually.

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