AAC encoder and psy model

As you may know, I am working (mostly NOT working though :(, but still remember about it) on AAC encoder. This morning I’ve made simpler psychoacoustic model inspired by FAAC (yes, Dark Shikari, FAAC has some sort of hardcoded psy model) work with my encoder.

I’ll try to use this blog with its original purpose — to formalize my thoughts on subject at hand. I thinks many posts on different aspects of psychoacoustics will follow before more or less suitable encoder will appear. “More or less suitable” means it should be at least a good audio encoding counterpart for x264 (while “fully suitable” means total world domination).

Too bad there’s not enough time (always).

One Response to “AAC encoder and psy model”

  1. Robert Swain says:

    x264 should be considered a fully suitable h.264 encoder then. 🙂