The list of game codecs I want to have in FFmpeg

One of FFmpeg advantages is that it supports decoding of many fringe formats, especially game formats. My favourite is Sierra VMD but there are several other formats I’d like to be able to play:

  • LucasArts SMUSH (there was a patch for playing some variants, the rest could be made from ScummVM code)
  • Discworld II and III video format (if only ScummVM developers got the code for DW2 at least)
  • Indeo 4 and 5
  • Bink (if only certain person worked on REing it instead of formats used in EA games)

Code donations are welcomed 😉

Update: ScummVM has DW2 BMV decoder now.

One Response to “The list of game codecs I want to have in FFmpeg”

  1. In the BMV decoder, this jumps out at me right away:

    #define SCREEN_WIDE 640
    #define SCREEN_HIGH 429

    Strange height.