Blogposts missing

I like a good read with analysis of random stuff. The problem is that the planned series of posts on parallels between social organisations and software development are not written yet.

The first post would be dedicated to the idea supplanted by bureaucracy. This happens when somebody has a good idea like “let’s create X foundation to promote good thing Y” and with time it turns into monopoly that dictates the rules to everybody else in that area. A special attention would be paid to the ways such organisations maintain “democratic” façade while making all decisions in private — like with introducing many almost useless contributors into voters and convincing them to vote in the way organisers want. An addendum about how such non-profit organisations get their incredible amount of money would be good too. And if you’re still in need of an example — think about any sports organisation like IOC or FIFA.

The second post would be about cultists — not people adhering to some religion but rather people blindly following something and not even thinking that other people might have other views and needs. For example, iUsers or those who program in Oberon dialects (that seems to include Go despite it being not a direct descendant). The main problem with them is that those cultists usually force their fetish as the only proper solution and the main answer to “but I want to do that” is “it’s not needed and I’ve never did it myself”.

The third post would be about a common tactic switching from peculiar details when advertising stuff to blanket statements when defending from criticism (or vice versa). Among other things it’s very common for Oberon and systemd advocates in a fashion like “Feature X? We have it right in Y. Y sucks? Well, it’s just a single dialect/module, the whole system is wonderful, stop attacking it.” It would be painful but giving parallels between this and terrorists/peaceful Islam would be proper too.

And of course I blame lu_zero for not writing this.

3 Responses to “Blogposts missing”

  1. When I first read the title, I was worried that some of your blog posts had gone missing and that I was in for some debugging. 🙂

  2. Marcus says:

    How are you going to call out cultists (which is especially important in the age of SJWs) yet lump every single person that uses Apple devices as a mindless zombie, basically?

    I mean you’re literally taking part in the PCMasterRace cult…

  3. Kostya says:

    “… every single person that uses Apple devices” — no, NOT every single person, just those who believe it’s the only solution and if something they never had to do then nobody needs it at all. If a person uses some iDevice and can argue why he/she has chosen it (and, more importantly, doesn’t force opinions about it on others) then you have a normal person and not an iUser.

    And remember, I still have MacMini myself.