Sprint Report

Last week I’ve been attending a fifth Libav coding sprint in Pelh?imov. Here’s a report from the host of the current sprint (she was amazing, many thanks). It was fun indeed (some fun provided by Lufthansa canceling my flight because of strike).

It’s the third sprint I attended and there’s a pattern in them. Even if they are called coding sprints there’s not so much coding going there, it’s more discussing various stuff and food than actual coding (though Anton spends a lot of time fixing some decoder usually). As I’m no longer a Libav developer, I simply hang around and try to provide enough trolling and proper drinks, sometimes even sharing a bit of knowledge if anybody wants to listen.

Another recurring theme is AVScale, a saner replacement for libswscale. It gets discussed during the sprints (since Summer 2014) but nothing substantial gets done. The only things we got so far are my proof of concept implementation (I’ll present it later in my post about NAScale, it’s the same thing) and something hacked by 1-2 Italians under influence of alcohol in a couple of hours (with great comments like //luzero doesn't remember this) that has Libav integration but no functionality (my code is complete opposite of that — standalone and doing some useful functions). Well, just wait for new posts about this, they’ll appear eventually.

In general I attend sprints just to see people and new places and have some fun. Among the places where sprints took place — Pelh?imov, Stockholm and Turin — I’d say Stockholm was the best so far as it is the easiest to reach and has the best food to my taste (plus thanks to SouthPole AB hosting more people than at any other sprint). I should attend a sprint again some time.

P.S. I still blame lu_zero for not writing anything about it yet.

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  1. Luca Barbato says:

    Sadly $dayjob swallowed me again =P