Again about my favourite country

There’s Russian saying “You’ll live a year in a way you meet it”, so just in case I tried to get to my favourite country. Mostly to check how it’s in winter time.

If somebody still thinks I’m normal, here’s a picture of what I mostly drink during my stay there:


(those are different bottles, I’ve tried more few more kinds too). In addition to that I’ve tried few more drinks from certain brewery i Sundsvall. And I’ve finally tried Norrlands national drink in solid form. Somehow these trips always get full support from my stomach.

P.S. Ost, inlagd sill, gravad lax, köttbullar och tunnbröd med julskinka är lagom bra. Och jag har älgkorv att prova.

P.P.S. Trains there seem to be as punctual as in Germany.

5 Responses to “Again about my favourite country”

  1. Peter says:

    Fizzy Bubbly..

  2. av500 says:

    punctual trains in germany? that was last century….

  3. Reimar says:

    Well, the trains in southern Sweden were not at all punctual this winter. So I was somewhat wondering if that “as punctual as in Germany” had some intentional double-meaning 🙂

  4. Kostya says:

    Of course not. At least half of the time I used them trains to/from Frankfurt Idiotic (some call it international instead) Airport were late by 5-20 minutes, one time cancelled too.

    Also see the comment above, that guy lives near Bankstadt-am-Main.

  5. compn says:

    have you had Sasparilla ? its got an interesting flavor, better than ginger beer / root beer imo.

    why do all those julmust santas look boring? you’d think there would be one EXTREME santa snowboarding.