I’ve attended FOSDEM-2011 solely because of friends. I thought that Belgium is a sad country and Brussels is shitty but it turned out to be even worse than Ukraine in perception so I’m not sure if I’ll visit it again (Berlin is much nicer by comparison even if it still has Ukrainishy feeling).

av500 advertises his new 15'' laptop

av500 advertises his new 15'' laptop

Even if I spent not so much time there it’s always nice to see fellow FFmpeg developers and other related people — VLC people, BeagleBoard people, the small guy on the photo.

And shortly after that I’ve managed to get a new decoder accepted (the one used in Wing Commander IV). It was in RE since 2002 or 2003 but people were too lazy to actually complete it. But now it may serve as a memory that while I was at FOSDEM it was reviewed. Hopefully we’ll get more codecs to come even if not from me.

3 Responses to “FOSDEM”

  1. cartman says:

    Ah that tiny man, nice tshirt!

  2. Jan says:

    You’re totally right, it might be my nations capital, but I hate just walking there…

  3. Wow, harsh words for Brussels! That city was the highlight of my European trip in 2005 (Munich, Germany was a close second). The street waffles were worth the price of admission. 🙂