My proposal on roadmap for FFmpeg

Here’s the thing either Compn, known for his passion to document codecs, or Mike, known for his passion to diagrams, charts and codecs, should have done loooooong time ago.

While the same information may be obtained from Multimedia Wiki, a graphical layout should be more handy for claims like “… include reverse-engineering of all Real video formats” here. I am also aware of list of supported codecs in MPlayer documentation but it’s also boring and not very useful as a reference.

Here’s how I like it — green status for supported codecs, red for unsupported. But from a glance on it you can see what’s missing and what should be added to my beloved video conversion tool.


Note: I know that we have to enhance FFmpeg in other areas than different formats support (filter system, for example). Patches welcome.

2 Responses to “My proposal on roadmap for FFmpeg”

  1. Did you make this with Graphviz? Can I see the source?

  2. Kostya says:


    No, that was simple HTML. Unfortunately, it’s hard to visualise such thing with Graphviz even using subgraphs and records.