Bink samples needed

I’m searching for old Bink samples. There are plenty “BIKi”, “BIKf” and some “BIKh” samples available but next to nothing of older ones. By pure luck we were able to find some “BIKb” but that’s all.

We are still in need for old Bink versions, anything from “BIKa” to “BIKe”. Can you help us?

Here’s that list of stuff using Bink. Looks like that games released since 2000 use “BIKf” and later, so we are hunting earlier games (and it’s because some Mike has not bothered to retrieve all that information from MobyGames).

Probably “Might & Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer” demo may use it (release uses “BIKf” and “BIKh”), for a start. Maybe some other Heroes of Might and Magic III games have them (“Shadow of Death” addon I have features “BIKb”).

Any help will be appreciated.


Bink versions are determined by first four bytes of file, any hex viewer can help you.

Some games (like the ones by New World Computing) may have all video files in single archive named like “videosomething.smt” or “something.vid”, sometimes along with Smacker files. But those archives usually feature file names at the beginning, again that can be easily viewed with any hex viewer. And if file resides in directory named “Video” or “Movie” it’s a good hint too.

Update: looks like there are no such files (except maybe in some archives of RAD developer(s)).

4 Responses to “Bink samples needed”

  1. clone2727 says:

    Just an interesting point: The Bink History page ( lists the 0.8a version as the first Bink version out of Beta. 0.8a supports only BIKf. The dll with Heroes 3 is 0.5a (predating RAD’s online history even).

  2. Peter says:

    $ strings binkw32-0.5a.dll | grep BIK
    $ strings binkw32-0.5b.dll | grep BIK
    $ strings binkw32-0.8f.dll | grep BIK

  3. Alien says:

    Do you still need BIKb?

  4. iWO says:

    Well, I wonder whether it’s not too late but I have found some BIKb samples with dll that plays them
    just send me email where you want to put them and I send it