Dingo Pictures Works: For The Youngest Ones

So, it’s time for spotlighting even more Dingo Pictures cartoon! And today we’re talking about the cartoons oriented at the youngest audience (even though all Dingo Pictures cartoons are rated as FSK 0—German version of Hays code saying “appropriate for ages 0 or older”—some of them are for more grown up audience, little children won’t be able to appreciate them).

Arischa, The Little Witch

This is the only cartoon I was not able to locate on DVD, any rip in Internet and when I tried to order it at the official website they apologised for it being out of stock.

That’s why I cannot offer much. See the synopsis at the original site and here’s a retelling of the trailor.

The usual magic forest is quiet and animals play (Luca makes a cameo here once again) but suddenly they’re startled by something…

…and it turns out to be a little girl that has some business here in the woods.

Here’s the heroine.

She was obviously sent here by her grandmother Sophia for some reason…

…but unfortunately the trailor ends here. Pity!

Teddy, The Little Bear (aka Winkle aka Countryside Bears)

This is a compilation of several short episodes presented as one feature film (also known as Di$ney Sequel). Here we can peek into the life of various bears and their friends living in the forest.

Young bears (Teddy not included)

The first story tells us about Teddy paying a visit to Grumpy Bear.

Three main bears (right to left): Grumpy, Teddy and Wabuu!
(In case you didn’t know: raccoon in German is Waschbär which literally means “washing bear”)

And after that Teddy goes to meet Mo and Mi:

Fun fact: I’ve seen them on cereal in local supermarket

and this was my reaction

Another story involves other animals planting flowers to attract bees so Grumpy Bear would have a source of honey nearby.

And another story is about a rabbit emulating construction works digging a new home for himself.

It’s worth noting the sign says “mai house, mind the step” while there are no steps present.

And it concludes with all animals asking Wabuu about his adventures and he tells them how he helped Wüschel with his winter supply of nuts (it’s also part of Wabuu The Cheeky Raccoon cartoon).


I think I’ve covered this before: Goldie was a deer born in the magic forest and the whole forest was happy as she grew up. But sadly one day Goldie’s mother has disappeared, Goldie became sad and the whole forest was sad too.


But then came a bear who was travelling outside the forest, heard about the problem and helped to locate and rescue Goldie’s parents.


This is obviously one of the best cartoons and Wabuu is awesome. Go watch it, it’s very entertaining.

In case you wonder, it’s also a chain of stories where Wabuu plays pranks on other animals (but usually it ends well for them).

See the hopping bear!

Pay-off to that prank

You can see how the story with Wüschel ended (the one also featured in Teddy the Little Bear):
Do you want to know how I got these scars injuries?

And in the end Wabuu organises a feast for all his friends:
It was mostly BYOB but the cake was from Wabuu.

Again, it’s definitely worth watching.

Benni And His Friends (aka Peter and the Wolf)

This is obviously inspired by Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev but in this case the music is from Ludwig Ickert.

So it’s a story set in winter where the protagonist and two his friends like to play outside.
Benni/Peter and his friends

But one unfortunate day a Big Bad Wolf comes and everybody has to stay indoors.

That’s why.

But Peter, armed only with his wooden blunderbuss and wits, vows a revenge and goes into the woods to capture the foul beast.


And he manages to do that. Even better—his duck was still alive inside! I wonder if the duck had grandducklings later who like to wear red chapeau.

Still not the worst film in Alien franchise

Overall, I find the music here to be better than in the original and it’s overall quite entertaining. And it has tits! Tits flying backwards!! That bird actually interacts a lot with all characters.

Land of Toys (aka The Toys Room aka Toys)

This is probably the most surreal feature of them all. The story is simple: toys are sentient, baby offends one toy so it leaves, other toys go to find him and bring back, happy end. But how it’s executed is hard to describe, it needs to be seen to be believed.

Here are some heroes:


… and rad toys.

And antagonists:

Honestly, I shan’t even try to describe it further, just go and see it.

Easter Bunnies

This story takes place in Easter Bunny village, full of Easter bunnies preparing Easter eggs.

like here

And one of them actually likes eating Easter eggs. That’s not something you see in every Easter bunny story. Or about bunnies outside Caerbannog eating eggs at all.

But when all 230 Easter eggs are made and ready for delivery, somebody steals them all!

It’s the case for great hare detective!

Actually Easter bunnies don’t have a detective and local scientist has to investigate it instead.

Foxes are not very common guests in these cartoons.

Even if the fox pictured here has something to do with the case it’s not the culprit. I am not going to spoil the twist for you though.

Again, even if it looks like a simple story it has enough unexpected turns, starting with an Easter bunny who eats Easter eggs. So check it out if you like to have some new thoughts.

There’s only one category left but since it has seven rather long cartoons with a lot of stuff going there I’d probably divide it into two parts. And the next post should be about RealVideo instead.

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  1. Zaccheus Ritchie says:

    Hello! I was recently trying to find Dingo Pictures’ Easter Bunnies, since it is currently classified as lost media and the only shred of media found was a couple of screenshots and a trailer in German. I was lucky enough to find this since it looks like you have watched the entire movie and have a couple of screenshots which I have never seen. I would like to ask you more questions if you would kindly reply. Thanks!

  2. Kostya says:

    Of course. I’m not sure why you call it lost media though—you can still buy used DVD for it e.g. hxxps://www.amazon.de/Osterhase-DVD-Zeichentrick/dp/B000CYYBYU

    It may be a problem for you that it’s in German though.

  3. Wabuu Raccoon says:

    I found Arischa The Little Witch on Amazon.de: hxxps://www.amazon.de/kleine-Hexe-Arischa-NON-US-FORMAT/dp/B002N5MFSK/

  4. Kostya says:

    Unfortunately it’s not available (and probably won’t be available in the future). I’ve seen that page many times before—still no seller.

  5. Kostya says:

    Yes, nice fan work! Now I know what I’ll watch at the weekend.

  6. Bob says:

    Where did you find that Easter Bunnies cartoon?

  7. Kostya says:

    Used DVD in original German on Amazon.de, there still may be some around.

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