Blog Restarted

As you (imaginary person who actually read this blog) I’ve stopped blogging last year. Mostly I did it because I ran out of material to write about. Well, now I have some new thoughts that I’d rather dump on the blog and forget so the blog restarted.

While the previous blog was mostly centred on codec reverse engineering and design and rants about random topics, this version should be more about NihAV development and codecs design. And obviously useless rants on random topics—except on opensource multimedia projects (I’ve said enough about CEmpeg, Libav and such; corporate ones I might still have something about).

Let’s see how well it goes this time…

3 Responses to “Blog Restarted”

  1. sasshka says:

    That’s just great!
    I’m eager to read the new posts.

  2. Austin C Williams says:

    You’re back – Hooray!

  3. Glad to see you post again!