FnAQ about G2M2/G2M3

Just to clarify status: I’m not working on this anymore so anyone can pick it up and finish.

And here are some possible questions that might be asked but more probably won’t.

Q: who cares about this codec anyway?

A: Not me. VLC does.

Q: so why don’t you do it?

A: there are several reasons. First, now I have idea how it works and it’s not that interesting anymore. Second, it would require some debugging and I cannot run that decoder under MPlayer2 (and I don’t use Windows at all).

Q: but wait, there’s G2M4!

A: right, and it uses completely different coding. I might look at it but no promises either.

Q: so, how does it work?

A: the idea is simple. Every frame is divided into tiles and some tiles can be updated from the previous frame or not; some additional information (i.e. mouse cursor shape and position) is also stored in the frame.
G2M2/G2M3 use the technology licensed from Accusoft that combines JPEG and ELS-coded image.

Q: how do they do it?

A: the approach (I call it JPEG-Binary Koder or J-BK for short) is quite simple. Every tile has ELS-coded picture with possible transparency. Transparent areas should be replaced with headerless JPEG data (i.e. only scan data without any markers but with escapes).

Q: sounds easy, where’s the catch?

A: I’m too lazy to catch bugs in my quick JPEG decoder reimplementation and ELS-coded image requires some debugging which I can’t do.

Q: okay, I want to do it, where shall I start?

A: is it the first of April? No? Hmm… Okay, here’s what I would do: grab a copy of g2m.dll (there are enough of them around, in various sizes too), disassemble it.
Find the ELS thresholds table (referenced values are 0x10000, 0x12A00, 0x15C00, 0x19600, 0x1DA00, 0x22800, 0x28500, ...) — the function referencing it is the one used to update ELS coder state, go up from there. Feel free to look at the wiki entry about G2M. Bonne chance!

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  1. compn says:

    did you say only the ppc version has good debugging ?

    are you using 32bit mplayer2 ?