It was not the codec you’re looking for

There is only one thing that may taint the joy of REing yet another codec. It’s when you realize that most of the samples you want to decode are coded with another codecs.

While recent Indeo 5 decoder addition allows playing many files, I found out that I have more samples encoded with Indeo 4. Even though I have Bink Video decoder it looks like I don’t have much samples for it. But there are many other games with custom codecs worth REing.

Yet it’s not that bad as sounds. M$ Video 1, Cinepak, Smacker and Sierra VMD seem to cover most of the samples I have interest in. Luckily for me there are many codecs left to RE for which I have some interest. Another guy had fulfilled his dream of being able to watch movie trailers in QuickTime format, so there’s almost no new work from him.

P.S. After I’d published that “looking for a job” post, I got many proposals, but for some reason they are mostly for USA and some people asking if I’d consider Australia too (BTW, answer is no, it’s too warm place for me and I plainly can’t work in such conditions). Either I want something unrealistic (i.e. job in Europe) or it’s Murphy Law in action.

4 Responses to “It was not the codec you’re looking for”

  1. compn says:

    that guy who wants to watch quicktime videos still needs to work on qdmc audio… 🙂

    indeo5 is huge for ppc users. i’ll have to dig up my indeo5 samples and compile a new mplayer and test some things.

    i cant remember having any indeo 4 samples. i have indeo3 of course, but i4 seems rare.

  2. Tom says:

    Interesting, but what does RE stand for?

  3. @compn: I think I only have, perhaps, 2 whole samples (movie trailers) that actually use QDMC. Most trailers from the Sorenson Video (1 & 3) days used QDM2.

    If you really do need a diversity of samples for Bink, I will start harvesting them for you ASAP. You will not lack Bink samples.