Looking for a job in a civilised country

So, I’ve dropped out of my university because I see no use of continuing postgraduate studies I had. Now I’m a free man and should look for a means of living.

My main issue is that I live in third-world country with all consequences it can offer — no suitable work here for me (I’m picky and don’t want to learn PHP and “code” websites or do the same in Java) and no mobility (I don’t see an easy way to move into civilised country; if there was any, who would stay here?). Funny fact: worker salaries here seems to be lower than in China but prices for almost everything but food seems to be European.

Because of that my chances on getting employed by large company abroad are rather slim (or non-existent), so I hope that lesser company can invite me to work abroad. I’d gladly provide my skills and work on almost anything.

Here’s my list of countries I’d like to live and work in:

  • Tier 0 — Sweden
  • Tier 1 — the rest of Scandinavia
  • Tier 2 — any Western European country in Schengen area except warm ones (I feed bad when the temperature tops 25ºC but cold weather is fine)
  • Tier 3 — Canada (maybe the only developed country that welcomes Ukrainians)

If somebody can help me with fulfilling my dream I’d be very grateful. Even useful and not too general advice counts, but not the ones that require lying! Thanks.

Short CV:

  • got bachelor degree in CS and master degree in something, diploma says I’m “an engineer, system analyst”
  • more than 10 years of C experience; varying experience of different platform assemblers (x86, PowerPC, ARM, MIPS) — mostly SIMD for non-x86. I know some other languages too — C++, Pascal, Java, some scripting languages (shells, Perl, Python). I’ve tried functional languages too (Lisp, Prolog, Erlang) and I’m pretty sure I can use them too.
  • more than 5 years of FFmpeg development, started it with reverse-engineering codecs too
  • 3-4 years experience on enterprise development (client-server systems, RDBMS, whatever)

12 Responses to “Looking for a job in a civilised country”

  1. why sweden? just wondering.

  2. Allan says:

    I forwarded your post to some people.

  3. Kostya says:

    @Johan Andersson: why wonder when you have typical Swedish name? I just had an opportunity to look at some European countries, guess what country I liked from the first glance and never got disappointed later? 😉

    @Allan: thank you very much.

  4. Chrom says:

    If you haven’t already, you might want to read the information available on the websites for the national employment agencies in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

  5. compn says:

    you should post a resume/cv.

    also you should change ‘i’d very grateful’ to ‘i’d be very grateful’

  6. Kostya says:

    compn, thanks for spotting.

    I’ll update it a bit.

  7. No student status == no Summer of Code project slot. Will you be a mentor next?

  8. mark cox says:


  9. Kostya says:

    @Mike: yes, if needed.

    @mark: I had the impression Australia is a bit too warm for my comfort.

  10. Zino says:

    If you haven’t checked with Opera Software yet, do it. They have offices with engineers in Norway, Sweden and Poland.


    If you don’t fit any of the profiles exactly, write up a good CV and send it in asking if they have anything that would fit you skill-set. A lot of people get in that way.

  11. nokialand says:

    >If you haven’t already, you might want to read the information available on the >websites for the national employment agencies in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.


  12. compn says:

    bad advice: maybe you should try for a job in a non-tier country (aus?) just to gain more exp and references? level up!