2009 — a Year of Hopes

Well, I think it’s time to look at FFmpeg achievements for this year.
Main achievement is without any doubt breeding Sus Scrofa Avionica — FFmpeg 0.5 release. It took only 5 or so years.

What has been added (mostly from Changelog):

  1. FunCom ISS demuxer and decoder
  2. various Electronic Arts formats support
  3. Gopher protocol
  4. MXF D-10 muxer
  5. Ogg muxer improvements
  6. VQF decoding support
  7. PCX encoder
  8. Cook multichannel support
  9. DPX decoder
  10. ALS decoder
  11. WMAPro decoder
  12. Atrac 1 decoder
  13. many other smaller additions and enhancements

What I did:

  1. out WavPack decoder now support hybrid coding as well
  2. PB-frames support for H.263 decoder, so Intel I263 files are played more or less fine
  3. some RTMP support
  4. Aura 1 and 2 decoders
  5. fixed long-standing bug in Interplay Video MVE — now it detects 16-bit variant of video (and decodes it)
  6. some improvements on SwScaler — 48-bit RGB support and rewriting our YUV to RGB conversion code, so SwScaler could be used under LGPL

But mostly this year gave us hopes for a lot of even more important things:

  1. there is hope that our AAC encoder will work
  2. there is hope that our AAC decoder will support SBR (and we can remove libfaad2 support)
  3. there is hope that RTMP input will work with all commercial servers as supposed
  4. Bink support is at least 90% complete, it’s mostly cleanup and bugfixing left to do
  5. Indeo 4 and Indeo 5 decoders. Boy, how I miss them!
  6. Apple codecs (ProRes, Intermediate codec).
  7. Sipro decoder will be hopefully committed
  8. hopefully, Windows Media codec family support will be almost full too, the only things left to RE are their speech codec, lossless audio codec, screen capture codecs and some WMV3 leftovers
  9. There is hope that some other unfinished work will be completed. For example, I have almost working LucasArts SMUSH video player based on some older work by somebody from ScummVM, MS Video 1 encoder. Other people for sure have some unfinished stuff too.
  10. I have a faint hope that Discworld 3 FMV will be playable with something opensourced. And then by FFmpeg.
  11. Finally, I hope Mike will finish his Xan WC4 decoder.

2 Responses to “2009 — a Year of Hopes”

  1. Reimar says:

    Don’t forget AAC in LATM, that is necessary for MPlayer to get rid of its libfaad2 copy, since that one was hacked to support it.

  2. Vitor says:

    Maybe a nice thing to have in 2010 would be to get the SoC native AMR-NB decoder into SVN. If no one else show up, I’ll give my try at it.