A bit of new hardware

I’ve wanted to write another useless rant about idiocy in our lives as a governing policy (for example, 1st class railroad cars being worse than 2nd class but more expensive or how “express” is translated into Ukrainian as “????????????” or “???????????”, both meaning “accelerated” or “sped-up”) but I have a bit of more pleasant news.

I’ve spent the rest of GSoC money on BeagleBoard and it took about 15 days to deliver it (which is rather impressive by local standards). So I hope to start hacking on it too (I’m pretty sure it would be good for both FFmpeg and me if I learn ARM assembly and about NEON unit). In my opinion they would really benefit from having built-in network adapter (there’s a place for it on PCB too) though; since this is not Mac, saying that USB should be enough for everything is rather lame.

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