News + Extra

AAC front: to compete with other encoders I have to implement low-pass filter. Benjamin suggested Butterworth filter, so I will try it next week. Hopefully that will be the last big feature to do.

RV front: looks like deblocking pattern is generated from comparing motion vectors, if the difference for subblocks is greater than 3, then edge between them is scheduled for loop filtering. Don’t expect working loop filter implementation too soon though, I still have to deal with AAC encoder and it’s more important.

Extra: I’ve finally decided to buy ASUS Eee, it was easy thing to do – there’s only one model (Eee 701 4G with Win XP installed) for about the same price of four hundred bucks (maybe $450 in greedy shops). So the first thing I did with it was installing Linux and tearing down that stupid “Designed for Windows” label (which was surprisingly easy thing to do and left no marks on laptop surface).

Now here are complains about Ubuntu Eee (I don’t have USB DVD drive and Xandros hasn’t worked from USB flash drive for me): it requires some hacking of system configuration to make it work (like shutdown properly) but that I can live with, but the braindead thing is that gcc is installed (why?) without any development header or library, so you can’t compile even “Hello, world!” program. Both of those issues are resolved, so I just need to make this toy more useful to me 🙂

2 Responses to “News + Extra”

  1. Sounds like you got farther with eeebuntu than I did. Just this past weekend, I decided it was time to re-image my Eee PC. I tried to go with eeebuntu. It only booted to a text prompt and seemed to expect me to do something. I would have investigated further via the website, but the official website was down.

    So in the end, I went back to the original Xandros-based Eee PC distro. Hey, it works as expected with all the hardware.

  2. Hey, is this thing on? Just testing database corruption issues. Feel free to delete if comment makes it through.