AAC: Life goes on

Well, Summer of Code 2008 goes to end. I think I’ve completed my task – creating simple AAC encoder with psychoacoustics
(here are my application link and a rough task description). I’ve written AAC encoder with psychoacoustic model made after 3GPP TS26.403 and it seems to work fine (on multichannel sources too).

Now there’s a small catch – to be included into FFmpeg it should be optimal in the terms of coding. That means minding rate distortion, choosing optimal quantizers and codebooks, etc. Now it’s a bit harder task, so I think final encoder will be in SVN this autumn or later. Any pointers on information how to optimally encode some part of stream are welcome (for miscellaneous stuff like pulses, temporary noise shaping, etc.).

Stay tuned (and use Flac instead 😉 ).

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  1. Robert Swain says:


    I look forward to the improved compression efficiency. 🙂