A bit of audio news

Looks like I soon will run out of titles, have to switch to something else then.

I’m still working on improving AAC encoder, for now I’m trying to fit trellis-based quantizer selection, then optimal quantizing will follow. In a process FFmpeg may get generic psychoacoustic model interface (there’s new IIR filters interface in SVN, with implementation for lowpass Butterworth filter only though).

In other news – there was a raise of interest to DCA decoder. Of course FFmpeg does not have one (wink wink), but there were some patches to correct tables used by it and improve speed (to nonexistent decoder, that is). Also there’s a person who hasn’t written a DCA encoder, he now reads development mailinglist and submits patches to out nonexistent decoder. Welcome!

Disclaimer. Sorry for political language, but I remember the troubles caused to Videolan because they had developed and hosted DTS decoder.

Also there’s a rise of interest to TrueSpeech, since it is used in some messenger (I’ve never thought it would be popular). I have to update information about it in MultimediaWiki a bit.

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