Still in Memphis…

Although it’s no good to kick a dead horse discuss the work of governmental establishments, I still want to cry about total ineffectiveness of our customs.

Today I’ve received stored value card from Google sent on May 27. They have also sent a book. On May 15th. And it’s still not here.
Here is the log – see for yourselves: 1.png.
And something stops me from believing custom officers take their time reading that book.

Last year package sent by Mike took a whole month rest. Not mentioning $10 fee for those 12 recorded DVD+Rs.

Surprisingly, x86 box I’ve recently got was delivered in a week by Express Mail or something similar.

Good system architects optimize system performance by removing the biggest and most probable delay. If delivering a package takes a week and clearing at custom takes at least two then what makes the weakest, slowest and ugliest link? Where can I submit a patch to this process?

P.S. For those who don’t know the title origin – look here.

2 Responses to “Still in Memphis…”

  1. Coderjoe says:

    wow… how many times must a package be cleared?

  2. Also, for the uninitiated, Memphis, Tennessee, USA serves as the worldwide headquarters of FedEx and a lot of packages route through there.