Another game format

I remember playing game “Lost Vikings” by Silicon&Synapse (who was later renamed to Blizzard).

Lost Vikings 2
Lost vikings (again) and additional creatures. Endgame scene.

Who knew that it had a sequel? It was done by Beam Software and looks less appealing to me than original. But it has cutscenes and audio in its own format, which makes it a bit more interesting. A contributor, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent me his description of this format so I was able to implement demuxer and decoder for their video and it will be committed soon (I hope). Details of this format are already here.

One Response to “Another game format”

  1. Reimar says:

    A good URL to link here would be:
    It really does run nicely in DosBox 😉
    I actually played a demo back then, but never the full game because it was nowhere available for sale (it’s really ridiculous how much stuff I didn’t buy not because of the price but because simply getting it was too much effort).