VC-1: Checkpoint

Yesterday I’ve finished P-frames support in VC-1 decoder. That does not mean it now decodes all files of course. But at least simple/main profile without B-frames and advanced features should be decoded more or less correctly (excluding chroma).

So, it’s time to do the bug squashing:

  • Correct chroma mode
  • Implement MV intensity compensation (now it mostly produces errors)
  • Implement coefficient scaling
  • Make all P-frames parse and decode correctly

Looks like VC-1 movies with B-frames are rare so another task is to find samples.

4 Responses to “VC-1: Checkpoint”

  1. Kanniball says:

    Nice progress!!!
    Keep this work… I can’t wait to have native VC-1 support, without dirty hacks and in a full opensource license.


  2. kyle says:

    I have a vc1 wmv cannot be decode correctly, maybe you can take it as sample for development …

  3. Kostya says:

    Tried that sample – it is decoded without problems with my decoder. I just cannot say when it will be enabled by default.

  4. Brendan says:

    You mention that you have been working to support VC-1 intensity compensation. Have you been able to find elementary streams which contain intensity compensation? If so, where? Thanks!