VC-1: Pause

I won’t be able to work at VC-1 full day for a week, but it does not mean I won’t code at all. Meanwhile I plan to write demuxer for test bitstreams. Annex L in standard specifies format for all profiles but advanced profile bitstreams use their own format: 0x00 0x00 0x01 where opcode may signal frame start, field start, slice start, etc. This one likely to be done with libavcodec *Parser mechanism.

And here is what I’ve done to present time.

Present decoder status:

  • Simple and main profile supported

What is not implemented:

  • B/BI-frames (samples needed)
  • Reduced range support (the same)
  • Loop filtering for P-frames (I don’t think it’s needed now)

Known bugs:

  • Chroma in P-frames is wrong
  • Sometimes motion creates double borders on objects

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