Another fun FFork

So apparently Paul B. Mahol had enough and finally split off (considering how his previous claims were usually not followed by immediate actions, I decided to wait for a day to make sure it’s different this time—and it is).

The most curious thing is his friend Nicolas not calling him a Libav spy despite his background and recent commits in librempeg resembling what Libav did back in the day. Maybe he really has a soft spot for Paul.

In either case I wish Paul to achieve his goals unhindered and more developers to follow his example. You don’t have to stick somewhere suffering just because you see no alternative—sometimes it is easy enough to create your own (the statement does not apply to masochists and people doing paid work).

4 Responses to “Another fun FFork”

  1. Ronald S. Bultje says:

    I can see you’re having a ton of fun at reporting on FFmpeg’s pains. Easy to laugh from the sidelines. But it shows you still care. We could really use your assistance. <3

  2. Kostya says:

    You know, when you watch some kind of entertainment it does not mean you want to get involved in its production (even porn, if you have heard a bit about how it’s produced).

    Similarly when I observe (and sometimes report) the FFevents it does not mean I want to take part in them. The project is the same mess as it was a decade ago and there are no chances the underlying problems will be fixed (as usual, I’d like to be proven wrong).

    That is why I participated in an attempt to change things for better and when it failed I went to work on my own project—and I don’t regret that at all. If I ever have an urge to work on multimedia stuff again I can always return to it and do something without additional hassle.

    So far **mpeg reminds me of a low quality bar where there’s one guy constantly rambling and some guys are fighting time from time (and the management does nothing as they all bring money). It may be fun to watch it for a while but not to drink there yourself and definitely not having that bar under your windows. Do not mistake morbid curiosity for sympathy.

  3. Paul says:

    Hello, I was just attacked by FFmpeg “developer” and “maintainer” on FFmpeg reddit.
    They (The FFmpeg “maintainers”) already added numerous name calling labels to my project and to me personally, and they already shown their true intentions. They all are now into corporate business model.

  4. Kostya says:

    Welcome to the club.
    Though I suspect some act hostile towards you not because of corporate reasons (FFl*b* lists just eight people after all) but rather out of fanboyism or even cult following (but nowadays those three are hard to distinguish).

    But I believe that you’re strong enough to ignore them and keep doing what you think is right. Good luck and may your work bring you joy and satisfaction!