vp6enc: slightly faster encoding mode

As I mentioned before, I wanted to try to apply the macroblock selection approach from VP7 encoder in VP6 encoder. Well, it was easy to implement: instead of preparing all macroblock modes and then trying which is the best one now it tries macroblock modes (starting with inter mode now) and stops when the result is good enough. In this mode encoding seems to go couple percent faster and the resulting size at the same quantiser can differ somewhat in both directions. You can try it yourself by using fast encoder option.

The encoder is still a failure though.

2 Responses to “vp6enc: slightly faster encoding mode”

  1. EHT_shiniori says:

    tested said mode. seems like you did a pretty good job in trying to optimize the VP6 encoder mode just for that.

    i made two VP6 encodes using the same input video (RGB24 avi or something like that). one was encoded using the “fast” option, and the other using “nofast” option. both were set to a quant number of 62. i used mpv to compare the video quality between the two, can’t really explain how i did it too well though.

    but as it turns out, i saw almost no negligible (or significant) difference in video quality between the two whatsoever.

  2. Kostya says:

    The difference in encoded files should be negligible indeed as it comes mostly from selecting one or another macroblock type that is good enough. Hopefully the difference in encoding speed is at least somewhat noticeable.