#chemicalexperiments — Bread

It seems that as a programmer and especially during these days you have an obligation to bake bread (the same way if you belonged to MPlayer community you had to watch anime). So here’s me doing it:

It’s made after a traditional recipe from Norrland: barley flour, wheat flour, milk, yeast, cinnamon, a bit of salt and molasses. IMO it goes fine with some gravad lax or proper cheese.

P.S. And if you think I should have made a sour-dough bread—I can always order some from Sweden instead.

3 Responses to “#chemicalexperiments — Bread”

  1. You’re lucky if you can find yeast. I haven’t been able to find yeast in a store in many months.

  2. Kostya says:

    This is Germany after all, people love baking bread here. And after the initial panic ended I think the goods reclaimed the shelves in supermarkets again (maybe not all of them but I hardly see any empty shelves these weeks).

    And if you’re desperate you can always catch some wild yeast from unwashed raisins and such.

  3. Luca says:

    Or you can use yogurt or unpasteurized beer.