The Unfinished Puzzle from Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail

In the previous post I’ve mentioned that one of the levels contain an unfinished witch puzzle probably based on Match Two that also contains various photos of the (presumably team and their families (about a dozen of them actually). I also wanted to tell a bit more about it and since I’m working on boring parts of NihAV and it will take a while, why not tell the story now?

Here’s the actual mini-game background:

(click for full picture as usual)

There are two areas of interest there—actual playing field where tiles are placed and smaller area where probably the clip from the movie would play on winning (the dimensions seem to fit). There are about twenty various symbols that can be placed there (plus some that form the word “witch”). Here are some of them:

The other pictures include scales, crumbs or stones, ladle, lead ingot, fire, newt (…it will get better!), log, bridge, apples and more.

And the playing area is suspiciously the same size as the pictures. I can only make theories that the pictures would be revealed there if you win the game normally or that it was an Easter egg in an unfinished mini-game. Here’s one for the reference:

I still have a faint hope that ScummVM developers will support the game one day and then we find out how it’s supposed to work (or that my guesses were all wrong as usual). Until then I can just occupy myself with something else.

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