Dingo Pictures: A Book

When I think I’ve learned enough about Dingo Pictures there’s something new appears. From Toys review I’ve learned that Roswitha Haas also published a book (or maybe several) that are directly related to the subject at hoof. And of course being curious I’ve decided to buy it.

Amazon mentions two other books—an adaptation of Land Before Time and Jimmy Button but I dared not to buy them (one has definitely nothing to do with Dingo Pictures and I fear to find out that the first one is not about Tio).

Anyway, let’s look at the alternative version of King of the Animals Part 2 (spoiler: it’s still much better than Disney remake).

First let’s mention some technical technical details: this book was released by Unipart in 1999, the same year as King of the Animals Part 2 but it had completely different artists (from Bayreuth even, while the publisher is located in Hessen not far from Dingo studio) with a bit different style as well. The same publisher printed children book adaptations of Disney stories too. But who cares about that, let’s look at the pictures!

If you wonder who is that magnificent warthog crocodile on the cover, that’s Dundee. If you wonder why he does not look like himself in the movie it’s because for some reason they’ve decided to cast warthog Bobo as Kemo’s friend (no idea why, artistic license?).

The story is still largely the same: there’s this king of the animals (aka lion), he has a son Kemo, there’s that black panther with his own son Pino and minions.

And there are diamonds. My God!

Pity they could not have a climactic fight here but here’s the best shot at it:

The ending is significantly different from the movie though and I’m not going to spoil it.

Overall, this was an interesting experience and while I’m not going to research it further I still hope more books might re-appear in the future.

13 Responses to “Dingo Pictures: A Book”

  1. Anon says:

    a TLK2 alternative? that’s news to me.

  2. Kostya says:

    Novelizations sometimes differ in details, why shouldn’t this one?

  3. DJ Kaito says:

    A list of works are on the Wiki. I could track down many of the staff and what they do now. Aso.
    Eine Liste von Büchern findet ihr auf dem Wiki auf der Seite von Haas. Das einzige was ich nicht gefunden hab ist ein Bild von ihr. Von allen anderen Team Leute denen ich nachrecherchiert hab ist ein Bild gefunden worden, selbst von Ludwig Ickert hab ich eins in Jungen Jahren im Wiki. Hat das Buch ein Bild von ihr drin? Haben ja viele so eine Seite über die Autorin. An sonsten ist sie auch in einem nicht Dingo Film involviert gewesen der 2000 auch im Kino lief.

  4. Kostya says:

    Interesting (also the power of crowdsourcing in action). I’m not sure if her portrait will ever be located though, she did not seem to be a public person.

  5. Gilby1385 says:

    The German dub of “Bunny the Rabbit” has been found!

  6. Kostya says:

    Yay! But it could be understood fine without words.

    And the title is “New stories from Easter bunny the Rabbit” which makes me wonder if it’s a sequel to the animated story (and there’s its videobook counterpart) or there’s another lost story or that’s just a generic title to link to some traditional stories…

  7. Gilby1385 says:

    It’s more than likely that it’s a sequel.

    Now we’ve only got “Sing mit Aladin” left to find…

  8. Gilby1385 says:

    “Sing mit Aladin” has finally been found! Looks like the German Dingo Pictures library is finally complete.

  9. Kostya says:


    But I still suspect they might have one or two undiscovered things. A video book perhaps or some bonus video like this one.

  10. Kostya says:


    All we need now is a printed book about Easter bunnies with a story different from both videobook and the movie. There are chances that it exists.

  11. Kostya says:

    The site lists one Christiane Laszig for an author and there are other books attributed to this person that look not very Dingo-ish (similar but not close enough). I think it’s a different person who worked in the same genre.

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