Dingo Pictures Works: Adventures

This category can be alternatively titled wild animal adventures and it contains probably the most famous Dingo Pictures cartoons.

Lord of the Jungle

It’s the retelling of the famous story of Tarzan from his childhood to his struggle with the former lord of the jungle to the point when he met Jane and got his own children. Definitely not the worst adaptation. And from a technical point this cartoon features something that’s hard to find in other Dingo Pictures works: full motion. Usually actors just enter the screen and stay there (or leave, but in the next scene) but here there are swings across the whole screen so this alone makes this cartoon worth checking out.

Baby Tarzan

BTW the ape who found him plays significant role in other films in this category too: she’s the mother of young black panther in King of the Animals Part II and she’s the one who pleads mercy on dinosaurs in the eponymous adventure.

A rare scene: dingo laughing.

Crawling lion.

You cannot see it but in this scene he’s crawling backwards (because of Tarzan). And at the end the professor (pictured below) will crawl watching after his grandson (who is obviously crawling too).


It is remarkable how he has managed to find an oak branch in the jungle.

Me Tarzan, you Jane.

It reminded me of the quote from Trollkarlens Hatt that everybody speaks English when in Jungle.

Animal Football

This is the Dingo All-Stars feature film. Almost all animals from other cartoons can be seen here and more! The premise is simple: animals had nothing to do so they decided to organise an event and play football. But the little animals are left behind so they form their own team and join…

Newsletter being distributed around.

As you can see, it’s Wild Dogs against Jungle Kings (and as expected, one team is dogs and another one is various jungle animals).

Wabuu! His expression says it all.

Some of the fans.

Again, knowing that Dingo Pictures is from Taunus in Hessen, I’m pretty sure those fans are from Darmstadt (you need to be Hessisch to get the reference).

Jungle kings fans.

Wild dogs fans.


They remind me of Willi from KSC for some reason.

More cheerleaders.

It’s hard to describe the game itself and I’m not a football fan at all (despite living in Germany and such) but let’s say it goes spectacularly and the team of small animals win. And they had a lot of fun playing too.

King of the Jungle Parts I and II

I have described the plot of these before (and the second part is well-known anyway). So here’s a picture of mole miners digging diamonds for black panther (the company is named after him BTW).

In the Land of Dinosaurs / The Little Dinosaur / Dinos

This story centres around young dinosaur Tio, who wants to have fun, learn to fly and such but he’s sent to school instead.

Tio is the larger green dinosaur

But during the lesson his teacher shows his new invention—a seismograph—that predicts volcano eruptions (the device as it’s pictured above might actually work BTW) and it gives and alarm.
So dinosaurs have to flee from the volcano, during their flight Tio with some other kids and their teacher are separated from the rest and have to find them…

Told ya!

Finally Tio manages to meet his younger brother Tio II who’s happy to admit he was named after a dead elder brother.

Tio I and II

Anyway, everybody is fine and they’ve reunited at last. Happy end!


Here they’ve resorted to CGI to animate waves properly.

This is yet another adaptation of the famous story about some dogs delivering diphtheria medicine to some small town in Alaska.

Then again, these hunters don’t look very American. Or Russian.

This is also complicated by rivalry between Balto and Komo.

I hope you can tell which is which.

And they have the same love interest: Judy.

And if you complain they look similar, I should point it out that all dogs of the same breed look very similar, so this is true in real life as well.

Here’s a sledful of them.

So Balto and Komo are selected to run to another town to deliver the message about outbreak of diphtheria and bring the medicine back. They manage to do it but on the way home they’re so exhausted that Komo could not jump over the gap and fell down and Balto dropped fully exhausted in the forest a bit further.

Luckily for everybody, his friends (including a seal and white bear) managed to locate him and fend off wolves before one of the hunters came and brought Balto back to town (you could see his sled earlier).

And he used his third arm to shoot!

So everybody is saved, happy end!

The last two categories have seven entries each so I’ll split them into two posts. Also I’ve not watched most of them yet so it’ll take some time.

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