Finally I’ve found some time to play with i.MX6-based Utilite which I intended to use as a home box for various stuff (like running fetchmail, irssi, simple web server etc. — in other words not desktop). So here’s a quick review:

  • does not work with my display (1920×1200, DVI input)
  • does not allow logging in via SSH (it refuses passwords) and the same problem with sudo later
  • does not have IPv6 enabled (not a grave problem but my provider has moved to IPv6 already)
  • serial port works as good as telegraph in magnetic storm (honestly, it gives all type of characters on terminal except the ones you can read let alone want, typing one character per minute is somewhat better)

I might be really old but this is not a development board (at least it’s positioned by desktop) so I expect it to work. And unlike previous product by the same company one cannot blame it on hardware — it’s i.MX6, not Tegra2.

So I’ve ordered Cubietruck already (I have Cubieboard2 at work and it has been running fine right from the start).

P.S. Raspberry Pi can go to hell.

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