A New Month, Some New Goals

As suggested by Anton, it’s the month of overengineered codecs.

The goals are the following (warning: they are subject to change without any notice)

  • work on REing VoxWare MetaSound (the thing aforementioned Anton should have done long time ago — it is only slightly different from stock TwinVQ decoder after all);
  • make proper ClearVideo decoder, currently it supports I-frames only in AVI and RM (samples in QuickTime are welcome BTW);
  • work on REing Discworld III video format;
  • On2 AVC decoder;
  • make Mike M. reverse engineer On2 VP4;
  • add raw mode for IMC/IAC;
  • work on Indeo 4 B-frames support (yeah, very likely);
  • push G2M4 (aka Go2WatchBoringSlideshows, do not confuse it with Go2BoringEnterpriseEvent codec) decoder.

3 Responses to “A New Month, Some New Goals”

  1. Markus says:

    Seems like sometime in January we started having problems decoding G2M4. Did Citrix push a new version that borked ffmpeg decode? We bump into this problem a couple times a month now with various customers. If a new decoder is on the way that would be great. Thank You!

  2. compn says:

    i found a sample, and i’ll probably dig for some more.

    two files, the .windows one is decodeable, but the jgc.cv.mov seems to be in some big endian ? format and the demuxer cant read it?


    iterated (clearvideo maker) also has its own image format based on the fractal codec (another name or version? of clearvideo).


    fractal images were vector images?