Nonexistent beast: Bink-d

There’s Bink variant without any samples known but with decoder present — Bink version d (aka Bink 0.6b). While it’s version closer to Bink-b (aka 0.5b) it’s the same in operation principles with all later variants (telltale sign is integer DCT instead of floating point one in Bink-b). Here are some details on how it differs from later Bink variants.

The main difference is lack of scaled blocks, hence block types got reshuffled as well:

  • type 1 — pattern run
  • type 2 — intra DCT block
  • type 3 — inter DCT block
  • type 4 — inter DCT block (lossless)
  • type 5 — single colour fill block
  • type 6 — pattern (2-color) block
  • type 7 — motion block (looks like it uses overlapped copy like Bink-b though)
  • type 8 — raw block

In other words it’s not that special and demonstrates the evolution of Bink versions.

2 Responses to “Nonexistent beast: Bink-d”

  1. Maybe ffmpeg need an encoder for it 🙂

  2. Peter says:

    Nice. Audio is the same a f/g/h/i versions.