Again on RV40 loop filter

While work on AAC encoder is slowly progressing (now it’s mostly psychoacoustics left to do and maybe HE-AAC if somebody will convince me), I’m looking at side tasks to make my life a bit more colourful.
For now those tasks are writing SSE2 optimization for Monkey’s Audio decoder (and that is the first piece of SIMD assembly I’ve ever written) and working on RV40 loop filter.
To give people false hope, it’s more understandable by now. Only one function argument is not obvious. And Dark Shikari, you were wrong – RV40 is 99,5% alike with H264 draft (not 99% you said), as loop filter is suspiciously similar to H264 one.

2 Responses to “Again on RV40 loop filter”

  1. Robert Swain says:

    Excellent news. And maybe if you get bored of / exhaust your ideas for psychoacoustics (I doubt it) then you can work on SBR encoding while I work on SBR decoding. 🙂 And then PS after. I guess the psychoacoustics are the primary focus though as without a well-performing decoder, having the extra tools available probably won’t bring all that much benefit.

  2. Enig123 says:

    How about multichannel aac support with psychoacoustics, which may be more useful for nowadays movie audio track encoding.