A bit of AAC news

I’ve not abandoned work on AAC encoder completely.
For example, I think now my psy model calculates and handles bitrate better. Now the only goals I set to myself are:

  • Make encoder provide psy model lookahead samples for block switching
  • Finetune psy model, or more specifically:
    • block switching decision
    • finish M/S case handling (for now it does not update all psy model information and result in artifacts on several test samples)
    • adjust scalefactors to reduce quantisation distortion
    • some other tricks from 3GPP TS26.403?

After that there are several ways to go: improve quality until it beats other encoders (at least libfaac), implement SBR/PS encoding (the latter is easier to do), introduce multichannel coding.

I suspect that at least one person will suggest to do it all.

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