A new iron at work

Tech support effect has worked – after I showed my new toy to familiar computer repairman it began to work. RAM installation is a black magic indeed.

So now I have a working x86-compatible box with 1GHz CPU and more RAM and harddrive space than on other boxes combined. I’ve already installed Ubuntu (just the first distro I reached, no actual preferences) and debug environment is almost ready, so I may continue RV[34] development soon.

Here is a photo of it with a piece of paper where its name is written. Try to guess it (and no, it is not related to anime).

My new box

2 Responses to “A new iron at work”

  1. Bobby Bingham says:

    猯 means “wild boar”, but is not used much at all in Japanese (猪 is used more for that meaning, or 亥 when in reference to the Chinese zodiac), but when it is, it’s usually inoshishi, tan, or mami. “Mami” seems to be the more common reading.

    If it’s Chinese, it’d be t’uan.

  2. Kostya says:

    You’re right except I don’t expect “tan” to be used as it’s on-reading. So I stuck to “inoshishi”.