Let’s see what was done with my plans for 2007:

  • Make some lossless audio decoders – no luck (well, I’ve helped a bit to include Monkey’s Audio decoder to ffmpeg)
  • Implement missing VC-1 Simple/Main profile features – no luck (at least WMV3 Complex Profile is almost completely supported)
  • Implement VC-1 Advanced profile interlaced mode – no luck
  • Help with some other projects – DCA implementation and maybe even finish RE for Xan v4 – partially done
  • Write JPEG-2000 decoder – no luck, some people convinced me to write RV3/4 decoder instead and I’m still waiting for the specs 🙁

So it was extremely unlucky year in fulfillment of goals.

What have been done instead:

  • Musepack SV8 support
  • Helped with some projects (DCA decoder, Monkey’s Audio decoder, few game formats)
  • Some WMV3/VC-1 fixes
  • A bit of work on RV3/4 decoder

I hope this year will be better.

2 Responses to “Checkpoint”

  1. Wilfred says:

    Can’t you download the specs for jpeg2000 from the iso website? Or were you talking about the specs for rv30/40?
    By the way, wavelets rule!

  2. Kostya says:

    Wilfred, JPEG-2000 specs can be downloaded from ITU site (ITU T.800), so I wait for the other one.