VC-1: Some Bugs Squashed

This and last weekend I fixed some bugs in my decoder so now watching HD-DVD/BluRay movies will be a bit more pleasant ;-). But for the whole watching and listening experience you should wait for E-AC3 decoder (maybe it will be implemented during Google Summer of Code).

As for me, my systems neither are fast enough to decode it in realtime (1.42Ghz PPC G4 and PII 266Mhz) nor can even display full picture (max. resolution is 1280×1024 but I’m fine with it). So you may conclude I’m not interested in watching HD and you will be right. But I care for decoder and will fix bugs in it as I do already.

2 Responses to “VC-1: Some Bugs Squashed”

  1. kurisu says:

    Indeed you squashed quite a few bugs. Thanks a lot. sorry for the lack of feedback, I only had time to check it up this week-end. Funnily enough though, some glitches that were not present before have made their apparition. I’ll slice up a few clips and send you the URL when they’re up.
    Thanks again !


  2. Gene says:

    Thanks for all this work you have done with the bluray/hddvd codecs. I have been following it all and playing around. Once the Eac-3 support gets here I will be in heaven. Now all I have to do is keep adding drives to my raid arrays to get ready for the storage requirements. 25GB ore more a pop is steep 🙂