Fraps: path of trial and error

I’ve just committed fully working (I hope) support for newer Fraps videos. While RE’ing that stuff I made two big mistakes: misunderstood bit reader to read only 31 bits from 32-bit word (which is not correct) and that Fraps version 4 is not identical to Fraps version 2. All of these is corrected now.

And now is a new category that Mike forgot to add to MultimediaWiki (hint, hint).

Supported screen capture codecs:

  • TechSmith codec (aka Ensharpen)
  • VMWare VMnc
  • DosBox ZMBV
  • Fraps
  • CamStudio

Unsupported screen capture codecs:

  • M$ Screen codecs MSS1 and MSS2
  • MSU Screen Capture Lossless Codec (SCLS)

Interesting – all those unsupported codecs use arithmetic coding (and as I suspect don’t work with palletized¬† images).

3 Responses to “Fraps: path of trial and error”

  1. Great idea– done. I have not added the SCLS codec because I have not looked up any supporting information yet. If you have it handy, please add it.

  2. Diego Biurrun says:

    Note that colors still seem to be slightly off with Fraps v4.

  3. Kostya says:

    @Mike – maybe also categorize lossless codecs (A/V)
    @Diego – yes, image from binary decoder seems paler but I think it’s tolerable. If some samples with more distortions will occur I’ll look into it.