TrueSpeech – Old Audio Codec

DSP Group TrueSpeech audio codec is rumored to be a relative to ITU G.723. That may be partly true: DSP Group took part in developing G.723, but if you study recommendation G.723, you’ll see that there are two methods used in this rec., and they differ.
Studies showed that TrueSpeech may be one of predecessors of G.723 – it is simplier, needs higher bitrate than G.723 and such. But I hope to use some ideas to reconstruct TrueSpeech decoder using methods from G.723.

One Response to “TrueSpeech – Old Audio Codec”

  1. shane says:

    I have some old wav files that I am trying to open. The error that I am getting with windows media player using xp pro is “The audio codec identified by the format tag 98 is required to play this file.” Itunes will not play either. I recorded using Phillips speech mic