Looking at random PAF

So apparently there’s RIFF-inspired PAF format used in Bi-Fi racing game for DOS (essentially a promotional game for a local brand for sausage-in-a-roll snack).

It’s nothing to write a Multimedia Wiki article about but it’s somewhat interesting. Apparently it has one single CODE chunk that contains commands for updating frame—for all frames. It is pairs of (skip,copy) bytes that tell how many quads of bytes should be skipped on output or updated from the delta frames.

Delta frames are RLE-packed data in DLTA chunks, first 32 bits tell the unpacked data size, then it’s traditional RLE (top bit clear—copy data, top bit set—repeat next byte low seven bits times).

Apparently those files were intended to be used as an animated TV screen overlay on the jukebox background (maybe also for an intro but the CD-rip of the game didn’t have it). So on one hand it’s a mediocre format, on the other it’s somewhat interesting anyway.

Next I should explore the usage of a Duck codec on “iamaduck” console…

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