A new project

As I mentioned previously, NihAV is feature complete so while I may still return to improve it, it is not likely that there will be much work to to be done there. That is why I decided to try my hoof at something different—trying to reverse engineer (and maybe re-create) a game engine. I’ve chosen Quest for Glory V for this task as I still have interest in that game and fine folks from ScummVM are not likely to work on it (as it’s a hardcoded engine, more about it later). I fully understand that I may fail as my knowledge about game engines is about zero and having about five megabytes of code to decompile may be too much so I may give up out of boredom as well. In either case it’s not a big loss.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever release the final code (if there is any final code) but at least I will try to document the formats and inner engine working for the posterity. Otherwise it will be about as bad as with the modding community: I’ve seen people making better 3D models for the game and even patching the game logic to do but there is almost no public information about the formats (except for the trivial ones) let alone about something more serious. I know Mike suggested Xentax Wiki once as a better place for such work but I can’t find it so I’ll just keep blogging here.

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