Looking at yet another weird game format

So I decided to look at yet another game at archive.org with an FMV tag. This time it was The Lawnmower Man. It had NXL format that should be a rather unremarkable container with raw video and audio except for one fact: it is EGA full-motion video (320×200, 16 colours, custom palette per each frame). It is the first time I see video being stored in planar form (i.e. for each line first the lowest bits of each colour index value are stored, then bits 1, bits 2 and finally bits 3). Now consider that the format is big-endian (even if DOS version came out reportedly earlier than Mac or SEGA CD versions) and it feels positively weird.

Some of the details I bothered to document are at the usual place (somebody should keep The Wiki alive beside Mike after all).

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