And another one weird game

Last time I forgot to mention another obscure Russian adventure game called either Adventure History or Sin(d)bad’s Eighth Adventure which has quite interesting selection of video in its resources.

So it has some game sprites in FLIC format (most of the sprites are in its own custom format), half of the game size is occupied by clips from Soviet movie (the one featuring the same hero) in AVI with MJPEG format, and finally logo and ending are in the custom HSA format.

HSA is video-only format that is very simple: 32 bits – video width, 32 bits – video height, then you have video frames data prefixed with 32-bit size (0 means end of file) and followed by 768 bytes of VGA palette. And yes, each video frame has palette following it. And of course each frame is compressed independently (using unmodified classic LZSS.C).

At least that’s more variety than you usually get in the games.

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