Är du från Norrland?

That’s the question you may ask when you see what I’ve eaten. Since it’s August, it’s the best time to try the famous Norrlandish product (if you ever dare, most people don’t).

A Tin of You-Know-What

A Tin of You-Know-What

I would lie if I say that I’ve eaten it all, I’ve managed to eat only two or three bits (with hard bread from Wasa and local milk). That should be enough for a lifetime.

As for common beliefs: yes, it’s easy to open the tin without getting sprayed by fluid (though I wore a T-shirt with FFmpeg logotype just in case); the stench is not that vile (especially if you freeze or cool it before opening and you can bear garbage dumps in heat) though it’s definitely better to open the tin outside and away from houses and maybe catching cold; the taste is rich, salty and quite peculiar so it’s better left to the gourmets.

At least it’s an excuse to drink a bottle of Trocadero.

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