A Bit of New Hardware

I’ve finally got SheevaPlug which will be my new server instead of Artigo 1000 which seems to have internal power management broken. Also it will help me in my plans of decreasing x86 share in my boxes. The only uses I find for x86 netbook now are reverse-engineering and running an occasional game, everything else I do on other boxes as well.

Looks like FedEx at least here is going downhill. While two weeks of delay (aka “custom clearance”) is pretty usual for me, from this year one has to go to their office to sign some papers and pay custom fee before they finish custom clearance and deliver package to your town. I had to go there second time to pick up the package (and before that packages were delivered straight to my place except for one case when it went back to USA). Not that 2.5km walk can harm.

Another thing worth mentioning is that my Gdium now has probably the fastest MPlayer — I’ve ported several lavc MMX-accelerated functions to it, so now H.264, RV3/4 and H.26[13]-based formats decode faster (the latter by couple of ten percents faster, others by 5-10%), not mentioning Monkey Audio which is now possible to listen to in realtime even files packed on insane level. Maybe in distant future they will hit SVN (if I clean them and Måns finds time for review).

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