A Brief Summary

Here is a list of codecs I reverse engineered in some way.

Codecs RE’d by format analyzing

  • Apple QuickDraw
  • Autodesk RLE
  • Sierra On-line Audio
  • TechSmith capturing codec (aka Ensharpen)
  • Pinnacle/Miro XL

Most of those are RLE variants (actually 2 of 3 are MS RLE variants).

Sources->Description->New Code

  • LOCO codec
  • Duck TrueMotion 2
  • IBM Ultimotion
  • Winnov WNV1

The last one is re-created from tuner driver.

Binary RE’d

  • Creative ADPCM
  • Intel Indeo 2
  • Q-team QPEG
  • DSP Group TrueSpeech

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